Bbo Subtitulado was set up in 2012, when Begoña Ballester-Olmos decided to set out on her professional career at her own risk.

Companies like Festival Films and Avalon were some of the first who trusted in Bbo and, as of those first jobs, the list of customers who count on Bbo to translate their productions has never ceased to grow.

In Bbo we have a team of collaborators for all language combinations you can imagine and every discipline you can think of. We have answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. We always try to be one step ahead and offer the best service and attention.


My professional career as a translator and subtitler began in 2008 with Trilogía Audiovisual, where I was Head of Department. I was in charge of translating and subtitling all the films and documentaries which came into Trilogía.

Thanks to my technical knowledge, I also performed other tasks, DVD authoring is no mystery to me and video editing is all in a day’s work. This multitasking is my advantage over other subtitlers and translators.

In April 2012 I threw myself in at the deep end, came back to Valencia and began my business adventure creating Bbo Subtitulado… to this very day.

«The chaos on my desk is the orderliness in my head.»

I began to collaborate as a freelancer with Begoña in 2014 and since then I have never ceased to learn and work on fascinating and enriching projects. I hold a degree in Translation and Interpreting and have completed my education with a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation and another Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting.

I am the head editor of all Spanish projects. I also carry out translations in my language pairs, I subtitle, prepare dubbing scripts, transcribe and drinks lots of Diet Coke. I also coordinate the students on work experience. I keep in touch with our interns via Skype, I’m only a mouse-click away from them during their work experience.

«I watch more TV shows than you.»

I graduated in 2015 and in 2017 I obtained a Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation from ISTRAD, Seville. After various stints here and there doing all sorts of odd jobs, I wanted to return to Valencia and completely throw myself into EverythingToDoWithSeries. So, I decided to take an internship at Bbo. And what was supposed to be a few quick translations and home in time for tea, turned into a frenzy of projects, subtitles and deep-fried cheese sticks. I was hooked, and I ended up becoming another member of the team.

To this day, I subtitle, translate and revise everything I can; and, in my free time I struggle to watch a film or an episode of my favourite series without thinking about each one of these three tasks. The curse of the translator…

«Each day is a battle to learn keyboard shortcuts.»

My affaire with foreign languages began at the age of 9, when I was listening to the Backstreet Boys and wondering what the bananas they could be singing. So, I grabbed my dictionary and the song lyrics and, without even realising it, began studying languages. I ended up graduating in Translation and Interlingual Mediation and studying a Masters in Creative Translation.

My role as Project Manager at Bbo enables me to unite my love for languages with my love for Post-it notes and multi-coloured pens. I have tattoos, I wear glasses, I drink (lots) of coffee and I love going to gigs (rock, por favor).

«Office stationery, come to me.»