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We provide VO for videos of all shapes and sizes: corporate, informational, advertising, educational, to name a few.


We work across every language, and always record in studio with native professional VO artists.


We offer voice-over translation, where the original voice is still audible, with a translated VO laid on top.


Or, we can do a straightforward VO. This can be to silence, or to music, either provided by you or sourced by us, depending on what you need.


We can also add sound effects – either from our library or created especially for your project.

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We are a passionate all-female boutique agency. We love what we do and treat every project like our own.

With years of experience under our belts, our processes are optimised to perfection, and there's no problem our team hasn't seen before. We guarantee quality, efficiency, and super speedy responses.

When you work with us, you're not working with a sprawling global enterprise. We're a tightly-knit team and our work shines all the brighter for it.



and ready to helpand ready to help

Holistic support

We stay one step ahead, spotting problems before they become problems, and always offering personalised support.




We’re a multidisciplinary team, with the in-house knowledge to tackle any project.


We use only the latest tech and best specialist software.


Our exhaustive internal review and revision process minimises the chance of any errors.


We know how tight turnaround times can be in the audiovisual world, and take your deadlines as seriously as you do.


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do it?


Bbo is no ordinary translation agency. We don’t assign your project to ‘some translator’ and get it checked by ‘any old reviewer’ with zero communication in between. We don’t shoe-horn your job into a templated process with no room for creativity or special treatment.

With years of accumulated experience, and an incessant desire to learn, grow and improve, we’ve perfected a tried-and-true method for work and quality control.

Leave your project with us, and know that our whole team is doing their bit to deliver the best possible work back to you.

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Alfonso Calza

“Excellent and efficient professionals who always have the perfect solution for the requirements we have for dubbing. Also, we can’t forget to mention the friendly and approachable treatment that we receive in all of our interactions.”



Get in touch and tell us what you’re after.