At Bbo Subtitulado, we have our own, genuine method of working on translations from English and French into Spanish. We are three translators, we work with three languages and we all revise each other. We call this method: THE COMPLETE PACKAGE.

As the three of us work together, any questions of understanding, translation, background research or expression can be resolved between the three of us. When one of us finishes a translation, another member of the team thoroughly revises it. This way, the results are perfect; because six eyes are better than two. We like to care for every product that passes through our hands, and we know that the best way to do that is for all three of us to work together on each one.

That’s how we produce excellent results on our translations and subtitles. Well, that and our passion, concentration, hard work and professionalism. Without paying over the odds, you can have three brains working on your film instead of just one, this is something only Bbo can offer you.

On top of that, we have professional subtitling software licences. Working with the best professional programmes on the market is something essential to our work.

Of course, we would be nothing if Claudia wasn’t with us. She completes the team and manages all the projects that Bbo receives. She’s our diary, she’s our Excel. Without her, Bbo would be bedlam.

And now, a couple of photos of the team:

If you still want to know more about Bbo, here’s a brief bio:

With almost 10 years’ experience in the audiovisual sector, Bbo Subtitulado has become a benchmark for Spanish producers and distributors. Bbo is a small business but at the same time it’s large, because without losing that personal treatment with our clients, we’re able to carry out projects of huge importance as well as those small, intimate projects.

We like to treat every project with the dedication it deserves. We have answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. We always try to remain ahead of the curve and to offer you the best service possible.