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We offer general translation services for texts or websites to any language and also offer sworn translation for all types of documents..


At bbo we translate any document or website, regardless of the topic or language. We offer services of general translation, specialised translation and sworn translation. For this, we have a team of translators who are native speakers of the target language, specialised in the topic of the text and with experience in the sector required.

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General translation: texts aimed towards the general public, free from technical terms, clear and natural.


Specialised translation: texts on topics with their own terminology, precise and specific. Medical, scientific, legal, economic...


Sworn translation: documents that require an official, certified and legalised translation. Contracts, degrees, certificates, academic reports, birth certificates, Hague Apostilles, notary documents... Our team includes translators who have been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, we send them wherever you need them.



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Here is a selection of some of our translation work from the last year.

Chicago PD

Chicago PD

Chicago PD



Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire



Aprendemos juntos

Aprendemos juntos

Aprendemos juntos


El profesor de persa

Persian Lessons

El profesor de persa




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Our translation services are those of a boutique agency: We are a translation agency made up of women who love their job and get involved with each project as if it were their own.


Thanks to the experience we’ve gained, our processes are optimised to perfection and our team is always alert, therefore we can guarantee quality, efficiency, anticipation and quick response times.


We are not a decentralised global enterprise: we’re a small family that works shoulder to shoulder with our clients so that our work, and therefore yours, shines brightly.

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Bbo is no ordinary translation agency. Your project won’t be assigned to a random translator and then a random reviewer without communication between the parts of the process. It won't be forced into strict straitjacketed processes that don’t allow any room for creativity or special care.

Our accumulated experience and incessant desire to learn, grow and improve have led us to develop and perfect an ideal method for work and quality control. Entrust us with your project and rest easy in the knowledge that our entire team will do their part in order to offer the very best results.

Comprehensive advice

We keep one step ahead of problems and offer personalised solutions 100% of the time.


We have a multidisciplinary team with broad experience for each type of project.

Technical skill

We work with the latest technology and the best specialised software.

Internal audit

Our projects are subject to exhaustive internal revision processes in order to minimise any possibility of error.


We are aware of the turnaround times demanded by the audiovisual sector. Your project is as important to us as it is to you.

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Warner Media Creative Services

“Bbo has been providing us with translation, adaptation and subtitling services for many years. Honestly, we couldn't be happier with the result. They are quick, they do thorough research so that they can do good adaptations/translations, they’re very efficient and on top of that, they always have a great attitude. This means that all of the projects we send them not only flow well and have great results, but it’s also a real pleasure to work with them.”

Lloyda Lawson

Video Production Coordinator - Condé Nast

"Since day one, we have appreciated their flexibility, care and enthusiasm for our projects. It goes without saying that the quality of their translation work is a strong asset, too! It's been a wonderful partnership with a wonderful team."




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